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Event Rentals Vancouver


Vancouver and the surrounding cities are happening places- especially in the summer. If you are

planning an event, we can do it, big or small. We’ll even help plan it out. Our rental managers do a great

job of working with clients to satisfy all of their needs. Whether it is by the phone, over email, in-house,

or on-site, we are there every step of the way.


A classic setup for an event vendor would be a 10x10 tent, a few walls, and tables and chairs. In colder

months, a propane heater would likely be a part of that. If a vendor needs more square footage, more

tents or bigger tents could be used. Our largest 10x20 foot tents are adequate for almost any vendor’s

needs. Did you make some signs and want a nice way to present them? Our 2x3 foot metal sign stands

are great for displaying two signs at once, without the worry of it blowing away.


So you are hosting an event, and you want people to come to your tent. Will people want to go to your

neighbor’s tent- the tent that was used for the family camping trip that’s falling apart, or will they come

to the tough looking, crisp white tent that you are standing in? Our tents look great, not to mention our

other complimentary equipment too. We stand behind our products because we have the years behind

us in knowledge.


No matter the size of the event, we can handle it with our three vehicles in our fleet. Outside of the

Lower Mainland? No problem! We have delivered equipment to as far as Kelowna. Our crew is well

trained and capable of meeting all of your needs.


Worried about price? Competition is fierce in Vancouver and we are known to have some of the lowest

rates possible.

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