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Mat Rentals Vancouver


People come from all over to rent our mats because they know what they will get: clean, odor-free,

quality mats. We supply rubberback mats in the following sizes: 3'x4', 3'x5', 3'x8', 3'x10', 3'x15', 4'x6',

4'x8', and 4'x12'. Our mats have tough rubber bottoms and medium pile on top. Our 4’x6’ mats have the

option of smooth bottom or our regular gripped bottom. Smooth bottom is best for hardwood floors to

avoid tiny marks from appearing. We pressure wash mats that need extra care as well.


If you are looking to protect the floors in your home, renting our mats is the best choice. Our

rubberback mats protect all floor surfaces from hardwood and marble to carpet and stairs. Our mats for

stairs are specially designed stair runners without carpet pile.


Weather you have construction or renovations in your house, a film crew, or a party, you won’t have

to worry about your floors getting trampled, scratched, soiled, spilled on or abused. They are great for

moving day too.


Other than rubber mats, we also rent anti fatigue mats. They are great in many scenarios where you are

standing for long periods of time.


Plywood is another popular choice for protection. Normally rented to people who wish to protect grass

and turf from vehicles, our various sizes and thickness of plywood will get the job done.

Of course when it comes to protecting your home, we don’t stop at mats. We carry all sorts of

protection products. Examples include: temporary floor film, cardboard and other paper products

designed for use on walls, floors and general surfaces, bubble wrap, and more.

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