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General Info

1.)  PAYMENT  -  non-credit [cash]

            SALES PRODUCTS

                      Walk-in customers that are new to us are required to pay by cash, debit, or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and JCB cards with 2 pieces of I.D. required at the time of the transaction. Personal or corporate cheques are not accepted for any reason in this circumstance.

                      Long distance customers that require products to be shipped are required to pay via credit card by phone or fax and may be required to fill in and sign a credit card authorization form prior to shipment depending upon the value of products shipped. Shipping costs and any insurance are the responsibility of the customer. Personal or corporate cheques are accepted in this circumstance but product will not be shipped for a 10 day cheque clearance period.


                      Walk-in customers are required to have a valid credit card and leave an intact, signed, blank credit card slip as security along with a photocopy of their current government issued photo I.D.  and one other piece of acceptable I.D.. Cash is also acceptable in this instance but may be impractical due to the replacement value of some items in the event of loss or damage. Personal or corporate cheques are not accepted for any reason in this circumstance.

                      Long distance customers that require rental equipment to be shipped are required to pay a deposit [amount determined exclusively by Parallel Rentals Inc.] via credit card by phone or fax and must fill in and sign a Credit Card Authorization Form prior to shipment. Shipping costs both to and returned from customer's location are responsibility of customer as is full replacement cost shipping insurance. Rentals also require a signed Rental Contract and the placement of customer-provided insurance coverage of $2 million of Comprehensive General Liability naming Parallel Rentals Inc. as an Additional Named Insured and Loss Payee prior to shipping. In the event of loss or damages from any cause, customer is responsible for full replacement or repair costs.

2.)  ACCOUNTS  -  credit

            Rentals & Sales Products - To establish a credit account, a Credit Application form must be completely filled out at least 5 business days prior to any anticipated business activity in order to allow us time to do any required credit or background check.

The Credit Application - Movie Company, is somewhat specialized and geared completely towards that sector. All other companies, entities or individuals requiring an account with us should use the Credit Application - Standard. Our insurance requirements are clearly outlined in the Insurance Requirement Letter in the downloadable Business Documents web page. Insurance Certificates must accompany the Credit Application in advance. Parallel Rentals Inc. (PRI) reserves the right to grant a credit account to an applicant but still require a damage deposit in an amount exclusively determined by PRI, if in PRI's judgment there is any question arising from the credit and / or background check of the applicant.

            There will be a $20.00 surcharge on NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques.                                                                                                                                                                

            Credit Card Accounts - Customers are welcome to create an account with us by fully completing a Credit Card Authorization Form and submitting it to us prior to any anticipated business. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and JCB cards. The transaction can either be done in person, or we can do it in absentia and mail the transaction receipt along with the 'Paid' Invoice.


            New Product - We stand behind everything we normally sell and if for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with a new product, it can be returned un-used and in its original packaging for a full refund via the same method of payment. PRI reserves the exclusive right to determine if the product is in original saleable condition and, if not, charge up to a 20% restocking fee to cover additional handling and potential price reductions on less-than-satisfactory condition product.

            Special Order Products - Items that are a special order and not normally carried by Parallel Rentals Inc. will not be taken back or refunds given for any reason.

            Used Equipment - Normally, all sales of used equipment is: as is, where is and all sales are final. The customer is given every opportunity and is expected to thoroughly inspect the goods prior to accepting and paying for them. Occasionally, there may be a situation that arises that has extenuating circumstances and PRI reserves the right to be the sole judge of such a case.

            Broken Stock - This term refers to sales stock items that are in less than perfect condition, returns that have reduced prices, short ends [not full rolls, boxes or amounts normally packaged by the manufacturer], repackaged new goods, etc. All these types of items are sold as is, where is, and all sales are final.


            We use standard military time for rentals. I.E. 09h00 = 9am; 09h35 = 9:35am;

13h00 = 1pm; 13h15 = 1:15pm and so on. 1 day = 24 hours from the time out until the time an item is due. I.E. Out: Mon. Jan.4 @ 09h35  item is due back Tues. Jan.5 @ 09h35 for a rental charge of 1 day [or 1 x the daily rate]. An item returned after its due date and time is subject to late charges: normally an additional rental day (or days) charge.

            All rental items are charged out on a days-per-week basis which means that the item rental is for the initial day (or days) in a week and the remainder of the week is included at no additional charge. I.E. A folding chair rents at a 1 day per week so is charged for the first 24 hour day it is out and is due on the same weekday the following week at the same time it went out for a 1 day charge. A make-up mirror rents at 2 days per week so it can be returned 24 hours after going out for a 1 day charge or returned the same weekday and time it went out for a 2 day charge. And so on with 3 day and 4 day weeks.

            All rental rates for longer terms are given by Quote.                                                                          


            Price Quotes are good for 48 hours and are only locked in (and thus the equipment reserved) upon receipt of your Purchase Order Number or, a written confirmation of your acceptance of our quote. Signing and returning a copy of our quote to us will also suffice. Quotes are based on the declared term and volume of equipment. Any change in either of these parameters will necessitate a change in the quote figures.

            All Prices are subject to change without notice.


            Under no circumstance is any of our equipment to be painted, have the labels removed or covered, be modified or dismantled in any way without the prior written permission from P.R.I..

            We ask that any and all defects in or damage to equipment be reported to our staff upon the equipment's return in order to protect the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the next person to rent and use the equipment.

            Quotes are based on all equipment being returned in a clean, undamaged condition, reasonable wear and tear (determined exclusively by P.R.I.) excepted. Cleaning, repairs and / or replacement (if required), will be an additional charge to you. The value of any damages to equipment will be determined solely by P.R.I. and we also reserve the right to choose the supplier or manufacturer and quality level of any items that that are to be replaced due to loss or damage beyond reasonable repair.

            Our labour is currently charged out in 6 minute increments as follows:

                        Cleaning, general                    $ 38.00 / hour

                        Repairs, non-technical            $ 45.00 / hour

                        Repairs, technical                    $ 55.00 / hour

7.) TAXES   

            Parallel Rentals Inc. GST # 10406 8721

            In British Columbia - As of April 1, 2013, almost all rentals (and most sales products) are subject to 5% GST and 7% PST unless a tax number backed up by a copy of the customer's B.C. tax number certificate is provided for our files.

            In Alberta - 5% GST is payable on all rentals and sales products. Alberta has no provincial sales tax at the time of this writing.

            Canada - 5% GST is universal in Canada and will be charged on all rentals and sales. Parallel has no authority to collect any other provincial taxes at this time but the customer has the responsibility to report and pay their own provincial taxes as required by their local laws.

            U.S.A & all other foreign jurisdictions - Any taxes required by other jurisdictions will be the sole responsibility of the customer.


It should be noted that this is not a definitive review of Sales Taxes and there can arise situations where a more detailed analysis is warranted.                                                                                                            


                                    Monday to Friday                               08h00 to 19h00.

                                    Saturday & Sunday    on call              09h00 to 18h00                      

                                    Statutory Holidays      on call              09h00 to 18h00

                                    On call is via our main number (604) 436-1418

The only deviation from this is during the Christmas season when we close shortly before Christmas and remain closed until 08h00 the day after the New Year's Day statutory holiday.


            We have gone to great effort to provide our customers with the safest and most up-to-date equipment possible along with the corresponding technical manuals, MSDS sheets, safety bulletins, how-to videos, and other materials both in person and 24/7 on our web site. Please take advantage of these materials and think SAFETY FIRST.


            We recycle all products that we sell where a venue for this exists. Currently we recycle customer returns on the following products in CLEAN, rolled-up or packaged condition:

                        Cardboard, single face or double face

                        Paper products

                        Soft plastics ~ bubble-wrap, plastic bags

                        Batteries, alkaline ~ AAA, AA, C, D, 9V, 6V


            Internally, we also recycle metals including all the parts replaced when repairing heaters, tents and other equipment; wood pieces from broken rental plywood and other sources; glass and hard plastics from our staff lunchroom; etc.

Think globally - Act locally.

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